Smart Cabby 2019 is a 2D Taxi Driver Simulation brought to you by Creative Fun Games for Android only. We offering 2D cities of different countries, the game puts you in charge of a taxi driver to transport passengers to their desired location and collect cash. There are a series of levels and each level is set in varied locations across the world. Before starting the game, you should need to learn how to drive your car and what kind of difficulties you will confront while driving. You will start playing the game with a yellow-colored taxi and your first level starts with less difficulty with no hurdles and obstacles to overcome. So in the beginning, you need to learn as much as possible, while in other levels, the difficulty level will be increased and you will confront speed breakers, heavy traffic, and more.

Start Your Career with Yellow Taxi

At the start, you will start the game with no cash, but only a basic vehicle with which you must transport passenger safely to their selected location within the allocated time and collect cash, as well as badges and try to maintain your rating good similar to a cab driver in the real world. The car can be controlled from a top-down perspective and probably it is the first title, offering a City Cab Driving experience from an overhead viewpoint. As compared to other Driving Simulator and Driving School Games, you don’t need to compete against rival drivers for passengers. You just need to reach out to the sign, pick up your passenger, and drop it off on its location and collect cash.

Challenging Places

Smart Cabby 2019 is full of Car Driving Challenges that increase the difficulty as you advance through it. Upon approaching the high levels, the game becomes tough to play and you just need a bit more concentration and timely decisions to overcome all hurdles and problems to reach out to the finish line safely. Before starting the game, you should know that like other Car Driving Games, there may be jumpers, traffic lights, bridges, single line, double roads, and other types of challenges available. So as you start driving your yellow-colored cab, you need to be slow, no because of avoiding getting crashed, but to know what kind of challenges you will face off at further level.

Heavy Traffic, Sudden Speed Breakers, Traffic Rules 

Similar to a real-world driver, you’ve to follow the traffic rules, stop your vehicles over signal just before the white lines to avoid being charged for violating traffic rules. Stop your vehicle before the white lines, and move when the green light turns on. Each passenger will rate your driving skills based on the service you offered them during the journey. So you just need to drive your vehicle carefully, slow down your vehicle on speed breaker, avoid heavy traffic, and drop the passengers to their location timely to earn a good rating, as well as cash.  

Familiar Locations and Merging Lanes

Each level represents a new city of different countries with familiar buildings and places to visit. For example, level 8 takes place in Dubai and upon navigating it you will discover Burj Khalifa along the journey. Your first passenger will be an employee who will ask to reach him at an office on time. The level introducing merging lanes, and on merging lanes, you need to be careful and protective to save the life of your passenger.

Avoid Accidents and Unlockable Vehicles

Be a good driver, avoid being crashed in heavy traffic by merely following the traffic rules. There’s not only one yellow-colored vehicle that you can use to transport passengers, but others are also available requires cash to be unlocked. By dropping the passenger, you will earn money and using the cash you can unlock the vehicle with better performance. Once you achieve the milestones, the game will let you acquire your car by simply scratching.

Weekly Rewards, Badges, VIP Membership

If you would love to win exciting prizes every week, you can enroll yourself by simply tapping the crown that appeared on your screen when you start playing the game. There are tons of exciting prizes for you to claim and a chance to test how lucky you are. You can also purchase a membership subscription to access VIP content to earn more than your expectations. After signing up, you can name your driver and can make a bit modification with premium content. So what are you waiting for? Polish your driving skills and start picking up and dropping off passengers today for cash.