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Our Assets – Hyper Casual Games


Battle Royale Hero PBR

HYPERCASUAL - Simple Characters

Hyper Casual Mega Basketball

Hyper-Casual Character Stickman sphere head

Universal Hyper-casual UI for Mobile Games

Wrapping rope

CUBE - Sci Fi Interiors Pack

Simple Airport - Cartoon Assets

POLYGON Snow Kit - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

POLYGON Vikings - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

POLYGON Knights - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

POLYGON Heist - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

Simple Military - Cartoon War

Simple Office Interiors - Cartoon assets

Simple Town - Cartoon Assets

250+ Magic Shields FX

Simple Hyper casual UI pack -- Mobile Games

Hyper casual Voice and SFX pack

Battle Arena - Cartoon Assets

Low Poly Cartoon House Interiors

Third Person Shooter Bundle

HYPERCASUAL - Stickman Pack 2

Top-Down Sci-Fi Level Construction Kit

TopDown Engine

Simple Apocalypse - Cartoon Assets

POLYGON Sci-Fi City - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

Epic Toon FX

POLYGON Western - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

POLYGON Pirates - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

POLYGON Adventure - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

POLYGON Samurai - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

Simple Apocalypse Interiors - Cartoon Assets

POLYGON Prototype - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

POLYGON City - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

About Hyper Casual Lighting in Unity

Lighting Tips in Unity

Many games can look much nicer and have greater appeal with just a few simple and easy steps that will improve your lighting setup.

Tip #1

A) Use environment lighting without baking lightmaps
The simplest way of creating ambient lighting is by adding an environment color/gradient lighting.

  1. Go to Window/Rendering/Lighting Settings, the lighting window will open
  2. In the Environment Lighting section click the source drop-down and choose color
  3. This will revel an ambient color, you can now pick a color to be used as an ambient light

B) Sometimes a better look can be achieved with a gradient colors instead of a single light

  1. Go back to the lighting window
  2. In the source drop down choose gradient
  3. This will revel 3 colors, you can now pick colors to be used as an ambient light
  4. As you can see this will give better separation for objects that are in the shade and also will result in a less flat looking ambient lighting

C) The last option in the source dropdown is the skybox option

  1. In order to use this option, create a material in you project materials folder
  2. In the material shader choose Skybox/Procedural
  3. Drag & drop the newly created material into the skybox material of the lighting window
  4. Drag & drop the main light from the hierarchy to the sun source selection box
  5. Un-check “Bake Global Illumination” in the “Mixed Lighting” foldout
  6. Click the “Generate Lighting” button in the bottom right corner of the lighting window
  7. This will create lighting & a reflection probe for the scene

Tip #2

If the game’s performance allows, work with more than one light to create a more interesting lighting, but try to use only one directional shadow caster

Once common lighting set up is a Key, Fill & Back, where you have a main light, called the Key illuminating your main object or scene from the side, a back light with around 1.5 the intensity of the Key lighting the object from the back creating a rim effect on objects & a Fill light illuminating the object from the front but opposite direction of the Key with around 0.5 the intensity of the Key, in scenarios where the ambient light is strong we can let go of the fill light and go without it

Tip #3

When selecting colors for the ambient light or the skybox, try to avoid using pure black & white colors by adding some tint, usually light blue or yellow will do the trick for a more natural look

I hope I was able to shed more light on the subject 😉

Keep your gaming spirit high with Rope Turner!

Creative Fun Games of iPApps technologies welcome you to the intriguing world of the Rope Turner, a ‘make in India’ game, which is without any doubt, one of a kind available in the market of online games. This game of puzzles will not only help you escape the boredom of your tiresome day to day life, but at the same time will intrigue you with super interesting challenges! Then what is the wait for? Grab your smartphone and login to Google Play, install the Rope Turner and get going! It is true, you are just a click away from one of the most fun-filled games available in the online market! So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a ride into the world of enjoyment as iPAapps Technologies brings to you an experience that you will be definitely be glued onto for quite some time!

Over the years, with the boom of technological advancements, gaming culture has taken a huge leap globally. Games are not only hyped but are done so, for a reason! They are a necessity in today’s life, for one to fight boredom and exhaustion from our hectic schedules. We all are so caught up with our schools, colleges, jobs, and assignments, that we tend to get anxious by the end of the day. So, what better than a game that is super engaging like the Rope Turner! These days, almost everyone owns a smartphone, and just by installing a simple game, one can gain access to a domain of fun and thrill. It is incredible, just to even think as to how a simple game like this can help you gather your attention and make you focus more. Many even believe that brain-teasing games enhance the activity of the brain, resulting in making it more alert and engrossed at the same time. Rope Turner being a Hyper Casual game is suitable for all age groups and people with varied kinds of interests. Its main intention is to give the end-user an escapade worth investing their time and effort! 

Rope Turner takes you to a world where you can see a miniature person, assumably the player into a situation where he has to pass the hurdles with a lot of planning. The execution of the plan needs to be done in such a way that he gets to collect the coins by touching the pillars. You can collect coins and store them for future use as it will be extremely helpful to the advancement of levels. The more coins you collect, the more advantages you are bound to get! Do not hesitate and get lazy to touch the pillars once in a while! Rope Turner creates an environment where, you are trapped in a room and by solving the puzzles and diminishing the obstacles, you will get to pass the door and exit to the other room. You can navigate the entire room and devise a plan to enter the next level. This game will distract you from your existential worries and will keep you busy and focused as long as you actively play. It has minimal interfaces because of which it is particularly easy to grasp! However, with the increase of levels, the tasks and obstacles tend to get more complicated and intriguing. Hardly will you get a dull moment out of it! You can even challenge scores of the highest rank in the game, which you can, of course, boast it with your friends on some of the social media sites! You can invite your friends and family to try and play this game, you can maintain your scores and then have a competition amongst each other. What a great way to bond and stay connected with family and friends by actively having fun online through this super interesting hyper-casual game!

iPAapps technologies have been growing exponentially in terms of developing and launching Hyper Casual games. Their team members are inclined to give a user-friendly experience to their valued customers. Different arenas of Digital marketing, Apps Development, Web Development, Enterprise Solutions, to name a few, can be found under the umbrella of iPApps Technologies. It is a trusted brand and therefore, client satisfaction, for them is of priority. 

Everyone deserves a time of relaxation and this game just serves that purpose! The graphics used are eye-catching and the visuals are very cool. The idea of this game is based on its strategy and understanding the basis of this game, almost anyone can master the tricks and climb the ladder of the various levels. If you like winning and battling challenges, this game is definitely for you. Each time you use your intelligence in reaching a higher level, you will be filled with the contentment of its own! Who does not like to win, right? So, make sure you use your spare time for some fun and enjoyment! Download Rope Turner and explore the secrets of the game as you unwind and climb the ladder of success. Happy gaming, gamers! 

Mobile Gaming Era, it is!

What if, we can ease our way out to some fun, excitement and liberation from the boredom of our mundane lives? Well, it is possible with the launch of games like Jelly in Jar and Smart Cabby by iPAapps Technologies. Jelly in Jar is the first ever Hyper Casual game, which is a ‘make in India’ product! iPAapps Technologies is a startup venture, which has within a very short span of time proved its mettle as a game development company, excelling in catering to the finicky demands of consumers and providing exceptional technology – based services around the globe. With a creative and intelligent team of Developers, UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) designers, project managers and technology consultants, the company has had no looking back since the start! Each team member brings along with them a package of ability and skill set best suited for achieving an uncompromised quality.

IPAapps Technologies believe in change and has an extremely flexible approach towards the requirements and demands of customers worldwide. With proper attention to the target audience a smart digital marketing plan is laid out and implemented with utmost professionalism and tact. They ensure that a correct approach to the plan and a perfect assistance is given to highlight the brand’s image on a digital platform. Their expert team members are more than willing to help elevate the customer’s Brand name on a wider scale by increasing the brand’s awareness and media presence. iPApps Technologies is the first ever Indian Gaming Company focusing on an in-house conceptual development of their products. From developing games to digital marketing, from App development to Web development, from Enterprise solution to eLearning solution, iPApps Technologies is the solution!

Coming back to games, Hyper Casual games like Jelly in Jar and Smart Cabby are two of the best available on Google Play which have been entirely developed and made in India. With games as casual as these, people of any age group can download and play. They are simply the best distractions that a person can get from anxiety and restlessness. With mid core features and minimalistic interfaces, Hyper casual games are easy to grasp but again, that doesn’t at all mean that they get dull. As a matter of fact, they get interesting as the level rises and as challenges get tougher. In Jelly in Jar, the 3D art and graphics are on point and the easy-to-use interface makes the entire gaming experience extremely satisfying. It is a survival mobile game with quality intuitive controls. You need to pass through different hurdles by controlling a Jelly! Doesn’t that sound fun? Well, it gets more exciting with the change of scene and environment. You can unlock various jellies as you reach higher levels and gather achievements and prizes as you become a jelly master!

Smart Cabby is a super engaging game that will no doubt keep your gaming spirit high! This is a game for those who love the thrill of driving in the city. However, it comes with a twist where the player has to deliver passengers to their destinations and at the same time earn cash. Smart Cabby comes with a 2D taxi driver simulation, developed by Creative Fun games for Android only. There are different locations and cities where the taxi driver gets to drive while climbing the ladder of various level. The car driving challenges spike up as you start approaching the higher levels and something that makes this game even more appealing and adventurous is the presence of traffic rules and real traffic scenarios. It becomes quite a learning experience with the traffic violations that happen with rash driving and the consequences thereafter. The game starts with a yellow taxi and eventually when the levels rise, different coloured taxis can be purchased. Locations and merging lanes are tactfully placed at odd levels in different ways. For example, as the game progresses you will see the location takes you to the eminent places of Dubai. Driving, while taking care of protecting the people on the road, becomes of great importance, which is also a significant lesson that can be used in our daily lives. And mind you, you just do not drive in the city, there are rewards to be won! Goals are what keeps a person motivated and with weekly rewards, badges and premium memberships available, the gaming feel becomes all the more fascinating!

Indeed, online mobile gaming and its development have taken the world by storm! They are not only exciting but are super stress busters at the same time. They keep the mind engaged and are helpful to improve long-term and short-term memory strength. Focus and concentration tends to increase and helps in improving spirit of team work. Value of peer understanding and collaboration can also be felt by gamers who engage themselves in multiplayer games. Online games if played with discipline and positive passion helps in manifold ways! Mobile gaming is definitely a new way of life! iPApps Technologies are heading towards becoming pioneers in the field of developing hyper-casual games, digital marketing and web development. They are determined to bring on to their customers’ plates a wide range of excellent ideas and services! They will deliver nothing but the best!

Benefits of playing online games

Online gaming has taken the world to storm in the recent past. With the easy accessibility to the internet, online games have progressed as one of the most exciting and engaging forms of entertainment. It is the reason why some promising game development companies like iPApps Technologies are evolving. With the specialization in developing 2D,3D games, and hyper-casual games, and a lot more, game development company iPApps Technologies and creativefungames is gaining the desired popularity.

People believe that online games are meant only to escape boredom. However, on the contrary, they also offer immense emotional, mental, and social benefits. Let’s check out some major benefits of playing online games.

Make your mind sharper 

Studies have shown that online games improve the problem-solving ability of the person. Many games require the right strategy to understand and implement to make a win. Likewise, a few games require deep analysis and concentration- all these help in sharpening the memory as well as mind.

At the same time, online games are believed to improve the multitasking ability of the person. Multi-player online games teach coordination, cooperation, teamwork, and scenario-based learning. Indulging in online games ensures providing an opportunity for young minds to practice communication and conflict resolving skills.

Helps in stress relief 

Although considered as a wonderful form of entertainment, online games also help in de-stressing after a long and hectic day. When your focus shifts from daily errands to winning the game, the stressful thoughts and emotions fade away. It is important to relieve the stress by the end of the day, and online games help tremendously in that.

Different clinical studies were conducted among online gamers to study the production of stress and de-stress hormones in the body. The results exhibited that there was a decrease in the production of the stress hormone cortisol. At the same time, endorphins that are associated with dealing with stress and reducing feelings of pain were high when the players were playing their favorite online game.

Keep you engaged and entertained at the same time

Online games are the best to kill boredom. No matter how mundane is your routine, there is no coming back once you indulge in an online game. Most of the online games are based on short-term memory, but they can positively impact long-term memory and other associated skills too. Mental stagnation due to a dull day is quite common these days. However, online games can fill this vacuum; keep you occupied and active both mentally and psychologically.

When it’s a multiplayer game, and you are playing with virtual players, the excitement has no bounds. The level of concentration and focus increases manifold, ensuring you become more competitive in nature and develop the winning spirit in real life.

Improve social skills

It is believed that online games make a person anti-social; however, on the contrary, people who play online games are often more social with better teamwork spirit. Online games help in building a positive relationship with the virtual players, and gradually it comes into a habit. It is seen that people who often play online games have better collaboration spirit, teamwork, understanding behavior, and peer-to-peer learning ability.

When a player understands the importance of making joint efforts towards achieving the same goal, his social skills increase. All these characters eventually build up in the personality, and the person becomes more open to his social network.

Enhances memory, brain’s speed, and concentration

 There are plenty of online games that require a perfect strategy and mastery in a particular skill to win. Such games are believed to enhance memory and mind processing speed. When a person plays such games regularly, the brain starts catching and processing the information quicker. It helps in making faster and better decisions that gradually come into the habit.

Final words 

Trying out creative fun games and hyper-casual games is always a good idea to kill boredom. Apart from escapism, online games also benefit you in plenty of ways. You can check out the game development company like iPApps Technologies to find some really amazing games and try your hands on them. iPApps Technologies also has expertise in digital marketing and web development. It’s time to switch to ‘Make in India’ games and get complete entertainment.