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If you are searching for a reliable and reputed augmented reality service provider, then iPApps Technologies has many reasons to justify its claim to be #1 in the market.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

To tell you in the simplest of the ways, AR is the way by which elements, pictures, sound, motion and GPS data is enhanced considerably in order to add details and make it attractive and highly interactive for the users. It is done in such a manner that people fail to distinguish between the real world and the computer generated one.

Future of AR

With the advancement in technology, the various businesses are incorporating AR at a faster rate. At iPApps Technologies, we strive to deliver the most feasible and profitable solution by evaluating the requirement of the clients ensuring an improved user experience and interface.

Augmented Reality & the Industries We Support

With AR being one of the hottest topics to discuss, we at iPApps Technologies, leave no stone unturned when it comes to developing AR.

With a team of highly dedicated and well- qualified experts, we cater to different industries that make use of AR. The following are some of the fields where adeptness and preciseness can well be judged and appreciated–

  • In the Field of Education & Training

Explore the atoms in real life! Structural analysis of DNA now becomes virtually understandable with AR now. With our adeptness and proficiency in AR, we make sure that everything remains presentable with proper explanation.

  • In the Field of Medicine

With the customized AR solution, we help in simulating the functioning of the organ by understanding the anatomy and system of the body. We help in presenting the experiment and effect of any drug on the body.

  • Automobile Simulation for Safer Driving Experience

Our expertise in the field of AR helps you in experiencing a real-time driving adventure with an exact view of the surrounding, traffic, the distance by adjusting the driving controls manually.

  • In the Field of Games & Infotainment

Now give your kid the feeling of an augmented character by converting the reality into an augmented surrounding effectively.

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