As part of our enterprise solution services, we at iPApps Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers software products that are meant specifically for the purpose of helping you manage your business a lot better than what would have happened otherwise. These are basically suites that contain integrated applications. As a service based organization, you can use these to capture, save, manage, and analyze data that happens to be critical to the performance of your service business.

These services are also referred to as enterprise IT (information technology). In fact, they include hardware services as well. These are designed in such a way that they can meet the demands of the bigger organizations as well.

We know that the size of a major corporation such as you would be different from that of a small business or an individual consumer as such. You would always have greater requirements in areas such as the following:

  • availability
  • compatibility
  • reliability
  • scalability
  • performance
  • security

In fact, we have also worked with entities such as the following apart from typical business organizations:

  • schools
  • interest based user groups
  • clubs
  • charities
  • governmental entities

These systems may be a bit complex but they are blessed with various other attributes such as scalability. They are also pretty critical for your business missions, are properly distributed, and happen to be component based as well.

Following are the main areas where such services are provided by us

  • application development and management
  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) development
  • custom software development
  • consulting services
  • enterprise gamification
  • e-learning solutions
  • legacy application
  • digital transformation
  • digital marketing
  • quality assurance

In the domain of application development and management enterprise solutions are used primarily for the purpose of accessibility testing. This particular testing is a variant of usability testing. It finds out whether specially-abled people are able to use the product properly or not.