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Experts estimate that right now there are more than one lakh apps in the domain of healthcare and fitness. It is companies such as us – iPApps Technologies Pvt. Ltd that are leading the way in this revolution as well. You can avail these apps on all kinds of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is expected that in the future the global market for healthcare apps would grow well. It would be worth more than 26 billion US dollars. Youngsters these days have at least one health fitness app. This is applicable to people in the age group of 18 to 29 years. More than 20 percent of such people have these apps.

It was expected that by the time 2018 came to a close this figure would get to 50 percent. 40 percent of the doctors believe that these apps would one day significantly reduce the number of people who visit the clinics. It is also estimated that at least 30 percent of the doctors use mobile apps in order to reach their patients. These stats and figures should provide you some kind of idea regarding the kind of impact that these apps are having on the whole industry as such.

The healthcare applications that we develop are of the highest order and this is the reason why they are of such help to the end users – you all. This includes both the service providers such as doctors as well as the people who avail the services – the patients. It is companies like us who are making the healthcare industry a lot more mobile and this, in turn, has done away with a lot of the complexities in the same as well. It also has made sure that services are offered in a much shorter span of time and made medical facilities better than before.