Creative Fun Games of iPApps technologies welcome you to the intriguing world of the Rope Turner, a ‘make in India’ game, which is without any doubt, one of a kind available in the market of online games. This game of puzzles will not only help you escape the boredom of your tiresome day to day life, but at the same time will intrigue you with super interesting challenges! Then what is the wait for? Grab your smartphone and login to Google Play, install the Rope Turner and get going! It is true, you are just a click away from one of the most fun-filled games available in the online market! So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a ride into the world of enjoyment as iPAapps Technologies brings to you an experience that you will be definitely be glued onto for quite some time!

Over the years, with the boom of technological advancements, gaming culture has taken a huge leap globally. Games are not only hyped but are done so, for a reason! They are a necessity in today’s life, for one to fight boredom and exhaustion from our hectic schedules. We all are so caught up with our schools, colleges, jobs, and assignments, that we tend to get anxious by the end of the day. So, what better than a game that is super engaging like the Rope Turner! These days, almost everyone owns a smartphone, and just by installing a simple game, one can gain access to a domain of fun and thrill. It is incredible, just to even think as to how a simple game like this can help you gather your attention and make you focus more. Many even believe that brain-teasing games enhance the activity of the brain, resulting in making it more alert and engrossed at the same time. Rope Turner being a Hyper Casual game is suitable for all age groups and people with varied kinds of interests. Its main intention is to give the end-user an escapade worth investing their time and effort! 

Rope Turner takes you to a world where you can see a miniature person, assumably the player into a situation where he has to pass the hurdles with a lot of planning. The execution of the plan needs to be done in such a way that he gets to collect the coins by touching the pillars. You can collect coins and store them for future use as it will be extremely helpful to the advancement of levels. The more coins you collect, the more advantages you are bound to get! Do not hesitate and get lazy to touch the pillars once in a while! Rope Turner creates an environment where, you are trapped in a room and by solving the puzzles and diminishing the obstacles, you will get to pass the door and exit to the other room. You can navigate the entire room and devise a plan to enter the next level. This game will distract you from your existential worries and will keep you busy and focused as long as you actively play. It has minimal interfaces because of which it is particularly easy to grasp! However, with the increase of levels, the tasks and obstacles tend to get more complicated and intriguing. Hardly will you get a dull moment out of it! You can even challenge scores of the highest rank in the game, which you can, of course, boast it with your friends on some of the social media sites! You can invite your friends and family to try and play this game, you can maintain your scores and then have a competition amongst each other. What a great way to bond and stay connected with family and friends by actively having fun online through this super interesting hyper-casual game!

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Everyone deserves a time of relaxation and this game just serves that purpose! The graphics used are eye-catching and the visuals are very cool. The idea of this game is based on its strategy and understanding the basis of this game, almost anyone can master the tricks and climb the ladder of the various levels. If you like winning and battling challenges, this game is definitely for you. Each time you use your intelligence in reaching a higher level, you will be filled with the contentment of its own! Who does not like to win, right? So, make sure you use your spare time for some fun and enjoyment! Download Rope Turner and explore the secrets of the game as you unwind and climb the ladder of success. Happy gaming, gamers!