What if, we can ease our way out to some fun, excitement and liberation from the boredom of our mundane lives? Well, it is possible with the launch of games like Jelly in Jar and Smart Cabby by iPAapps Technologies. Jelly in Jar is the first ever Hyper Casual game, which is a ‘make in India’ product! iPAapps Technologies is a startup venture, which has within a very short span of time proved its mettle as a game development company, excelling in catering to the finicky demands of consumers and providing exceptional technology – based services around the globe. With a creative and intelligent team of Developers, UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) designers, project managers and technology consultants, the company has had no looking back since the start! Each team member brings along with them a package of ability and skill set best suited for achieving an uncompromised quality.

IPAapps Technologies believe in change and has an extremely flexible approach towards the requirements and demands of customers worldwide. With proper attention to the target audience a smart digital marketing plan is laid out and implemented with utmost professionalism and tact. They ensure that a correct approach to the plan and a perfect assistance is given to highlight the brand’s image on a digital platform. Their expert team members are more than willing to help elevate the customer’s Brand name on a wider scale by increasing the brand’s awareness and media presence. iPApps Technologies is the first ever Indian Gaming Company focusing on an in-house conceptual development of their products. From developing games to digital marketing, from App development to Web development, from Enterprise solution to eLearning solution, iPApps Technologies is the solution!

Coming back to games, Hyper Casual games like Jelly in Jar and Smart Cabby are two of the best available on Google Play which have been entirely developed and made in India. With games as casual as these, people of any age group can download and play. They are simply the best distractions that a person can get from anxiety and restlessness. With mid core features and minimalistic interfaces, Hyper casual games are easy to grasp but again, that doesn’t at all mean that they get dull. As a matter of fact, they get interesting as the level rises and as challenges get tougher. In Jelly in Jar, the 3D art and graphics are on point and the easy-to-use interface makes the entire gaming experience extremely satisfying. It is a survival mobile game with quality intuitive controls. You need to pass through different hurdles by controlling a Jelly! Doesn’t that sound fun? Well, it gets more exciting with the change of scene and environment. You can unlock various jellies as you reach higher levels and gather achievements and prizes as you become a jelly master!

Smart Cabby is a super engaging game that will no doubt keep your gaming spirit high! This is a game for those who love the thrill of driving in the city. However, it comes with a twist where the player has to deliver passengers to their destinations and at the same time earn cash. Smart Cabby comes with a 2D taxi driver simulation, developed by Creative Fun games for Android only. There are different locations and cities where the taxi driver gets to drive while climbing the ladder of various level. The car driving challenges spike up as you start approaching the higher levels and something that makes this game even more appealing and adventurous is the presence of traffic rules and real traffic scenarios. It becomes quite a learning experience with the traffic violations that happen with rash driving and the consequences thereafter. The game starts with a yellow taxi and eventually when the levels rise, different coloured taxis can be purchased. Locations and merging lanes are tactfully placed at odd levels in different ways. For example, as the game progresses you will see the location takes you to the eminent places of Dubai. Driving, while taking care of protecting the people on the road, becomes of great importance, which is also a significant lesson that can be used in our daily lives. And mind you, you just do not drive in the city, there are rewards to be won! Goals are what keeps a person motivated and with weekly rewards, badges and premium memberships available, the gaming feel becomes all the more fascinating!

Indeed, online mobile gaming and its development have taken the world by storm! They are not only exciting but are super stress busters at the same time. They keep the mind engaged and are helpful to improve long-term and short-term memory strength. Focus and concentration tends to increase and helps in improving spirit of team work. Value of peer understanding and collaboration can also be felt by gamers who engage themselves in multiplayer games. Online games if played with discipline and positive passion helps in manifold ways! Mobile gaming is definitely a new way of life! iPApps Technologies are heading towards becoming pioneers in the field of developing hyper-casual games, digital marketing and web development. They are determined to bring on to their customers’ plates a wide range of excellent ideas and services! They will deliver nothing but the best!