Artificial intelligence or AI has appeared as a game changer in every industry. With its wide range of applications and constant advancement, systems are now smarter than ever. At iPApps Technologies, we understand this demand for smarter and advanced technologies and to deliver you the best we have the most updated AI technologies like deep learning and machine learning in our armory.

Our AI based services

Unlike other companies who can only provide you a certain type of AI-based service, we offer a much bigger portfolio. Our AI based services are:

AI for games: the appearance of AI has transformed the gaming industry. Over the past few years, the use of AI to enhance the game experience is rising and it will keep rising. We at iPApps Technologies is very much in touch with this pattern, our AI based services for games includes features like, the interaction between the game and the player on a deeper level, advancement of the BOT opponents are making the games more challenging.

AI for assistance: with our experts, we have used deep learning algorithms to develop virtual assistance program. This program is as real as actual assistance. This advance virtual assistance can be used in fields like finance, marketing, fitness, etc.

AI for hardware: we have developed AI based hardware that is more flexible and efficient than ever, also these are super responsive and adaptable.

AI for visual experience: our AI based visual experiences include 2D & 3D visualization, augmented reality, etc.

iPApps Technologies is bringing the most advanced AI-based technologies to you. Our expertise in deep learning and machine learning along with their successful implementation is what set us apart. The experts at iPApps Technologies understand the clients need and are always ready to cater a tailor-made solution just for you.