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With AI (Artificial Intelligence) ruling most applications and setup, more and more systems have started to opt for it to run the show. What required human intervention is not being controlled by smart systems and applications. At iPApps Technologies, we have equipped ourselves with the latest applications that make use of artificial intelligence as that of deep learning and machine learning.

Why Choose iPApps Technologies for AI services?

  • We are an organization that consists of a team where each one of them is an expert with deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence while being able to implement them well to businesses.
  • When you hire us for such services, we understand your requirements well and customize resources for you while making it suitable for your business.
  • The projects that we undertake are backed by turnkey execution. This is something that allows the job to get done without you having to spend much.
  • While offering a wide range of technologies and being helped by a versatile team, you wouldn’t want anything more to it.

Our Services based on AI

Vision-based apps – Converting hard copy data to soft copy documents, 2D/3D visualization of objects around, augmented reality without markers.

Hardware Intelligence – We make hardware capable of being responsive and adaptable. When you make use of them, you get to witness better flexibility and efficiency from their end.  It allows power management, detects faults and creates an alert for the user in case of any malfunction.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant – While putting to use deep learning algorithms, we come up with virtual assistants that are just like real assistants. Depending on the domain that you require assistance with, we help you accordingly.

Gaming Artificial Intelligence – We help out with services as that of creating bots that allow the games to be challenging, we help out with realistic teammates as well as interacting with the game tools at a deeper level.