iPApps helps organizations cater to the varied learning needs of diverse learners. Our custom e-learning services helps organizations to identify their e-learning needs, create strategy, identify solutions, create storyboards, develop content with the help of subject-matter experts and develop the e-learning courses.

Our custom solutions are engaging, interactive and visually appealing. It helps learners absorb more knowledge and recall what they have learned with ease.

Integrate with xAPI, SCORM, and AICC-compliant systems

Experience API-based eLearning

Experience API is the latest LMS interchangeability specification from Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL). This specification will help advance online learning system interchangeability.

The Instance Learning Gateway suite helps organizations create, deliver, and track Experience API-based learning content on the web and on mobile devices alike.

Instance Platform’s many integrated sub-systems work together to help you deploy a comprehensive Experience API-based distributed learning architecture:

  • Instancy¬†Learning Content Management System (iLCMS) and Instancy Authoring Tools¬†help you create and export Experience API-based content.
  • Instancy Learning Record Store (iLRS) enables you to receive and store Experience API statements from learning content created within iLCMS or through external third-party sources.
  • Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS) enables you to import and launch Experience API-based content, pull data from the iLRS dynamically, and view learning progress reports and dashboards.

Experience API (xAPI) sends learning experience data to the iLRS to store and manage. Those data (statements) help track learners’ interactions and progress. Use these statements for tailoring or evaluation decisions.

SCORM-based eLearning

Instance provides a comprehensive learning platform for creating, delivering, and managing SCORM-compliant eLearning courses. SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) was originally sponsored by the ADL project (Advanced Distributed Learning) of the U.S. Department of Defense. SCORM is one of the most significant eLearning standards and has been adopted by organizations around the world.

With Instance, you can import and run your existing SCORM-compliant courses on Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS). You can also create, run, or export new SCORM-compliant courses on Instancy Learning Content Management System (iLCMS) and Authoring Tools.

SCORM elearning Content Services

Instancy helps content providers, publishers, and training organizations convert and create SCORM eLearning content. Whether you’re looking to create a series of learning objects or content objects (SCO – Sharable Content Objects in SCORM vocabulary), or a complete course package with multiple SCOs with sequencing rules, the Instancy platform can handle it all. If you have existing SCORM-based content, we can help integrate that content with the Instancy LMS.

You can also export SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 packages from Instancy’s LCMS with all the digital files, media assets, and other supported files that make up the SCORM course. You can then use those objects in other SCORM-compliant LMS. This is perfect for selling content to companies that have their own SCORM-compliant LMS in place.

AICC-based eLearning

eLearning courses created and hosted on Instancy LMS (the ‘server LMS’) can be launched from a 3rd party LMS (the ‘client LMS’) by using the eLearning standards protocol from AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Consortium).

Conversely, using the AICC specification and protocol, Instancy LMS can also be deployed as the Client LMS and access courses residing on a 3rd party LMS server.