iOT services and Telematics holds the key to future connectivity solutions. The development in these two fields over the past decade has been exhilarating and this growth and development will continue.

For those who don’t know iOT (internet of things) means expanding the reach of internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. Even though it sounds simple, the reach and expansion of iOT services are widespread, starting from wearable like watches to home appliances to industrial machinery.

In industrial purpose, iOT services are mainly used to integrate various machineries equipped with sensing, identification, communication, actuation, processing, and network capabilities. At iPApps Technologies, we have experienced iOT engineers who can design and build a specific product for your business. iOT creates a highly integrated cyber-physical space which open doors to a whole new business and market opportunities.  We at iPApps Technologies also provide the network control and management to ensure the safety of your plant.

On a day to day basis, consumer usage level iOT services are gaining popularity. It is now very easy to manage your home and ensure your home’s safety. Home appliances are now getting smarter as they are equipped with sensors and networking capabilities. By integrating everything in a single ecosystem, you can control them from devices like smartphones and smart speakers.

Telematics, on the other hand, is the base of iOT technologies as it involves sending and receiving of information through telecommunication devices. But the application of Telematics is not limited in only iOT, it has a much broader appeal. Telematics is basically the integration of telecommunication and informatics and this technology is mainly used for navigation systems, vehicular technologies, etc. At iPApps Technologies, we have the best minds of Telematics to deliver you a custom made and most advanced product that you can ask for.

iPApps Technologies’ iOT and Telematics portfolio include system integration, connectivity and analytics, sensors, gateways, and cloud solutions. Our aim here is to create a single point solution and accountability regarding iOT and Telematics by delivering an end to end service.