In the simplest words, Virtual Reality is an artificial environment that is three-dimensional which makes the viewer feel being at a place where he/she isn’t actually in. Such a realistic image is made using specialized hardware and software brought together and created by trained individuals.

We at iPApps Technologies Pvt. Ltd implements the same into games where you can get the feeling of being there and playing the game all by yourself. We create games that are implemented with Virtual Reality while giving about a realistic feeling to everyone who plays the game.

While putting across a superlative experience to the gamers, they can interact with the rest of the characters in the game, use the gaming assets and make the most of the virtual world without having to move around.

While focusing on gaming, we also help out with other implementations such as –

Virtual Museum      

With a VR headset put in place, you can have a virtual tour of museums where you browse through all that they display. All of this is achieved when the headset is connected to the hard drive and you are taken to a virtual world. This is something that allows you to experience a different place in front of your eyes without having to be there physically.

Immersive Dome

With the help of synchronized projectors, you can witness VR videos on a Dome Projection where you can witness an entire scene above your head that is in the shape of a dome. You could visit places, watch the night sky or even make plans for star gazing with its help.

Industrial Usage

When it comes to product re-engineering or 3D modeling, we help you with VR experiences. While it is an industrial requirement, VR seems to make work easy for people where the results are next to real.