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With the emergence of smartphones and its growing popularity, internet services have reached even remote places on the earth. And quite naturally everybody wants to make the most of this phenomenon.

As a result, companies be it big corporations or start-ups, everybody is investing a considerable amount in creating mobile-friendly websites, launching apps, just to reach as many people as they can. But in this race, the Government agencies and departments have not managed to keep up with the pace.

At iPApps Technologies, we are now designing app and websites for government agencies and departments to help them reach the masses.

Government, be it India or other countries run numerous social welfare projects. But those projects often fail to achieve their goal just due to the lack of publicity and accessibility. At iPApps Technologies, we mainly focus on creating websites for Government that are easy to navigate through. We keep the design and language of the websites to a very basic level so that anyone can understand it and are able to find what they are looking for, very easily.

Apart from informative websites we also design different apps for different Government agencies and departments. Our aim is to create a people-friendly medium to deliver the messages and services that the Government is offering.

At iPApps Technologies, we take pride in what we have managed to deliver different Government agencies and departments. Over the years we have worked with various Government agencies and departments, starting from the municipal level to the state level and the feedback has been positive always. We have created websites and apps that are now delivering the goods of the Government to the people smoothly, efficiently and conveniently.

And, at iPApps Technologies, we are vowed to bring the best of technology to help the Government to reach more and more people and make a change.