Are you getting bored, and didn’t find any source of fun? If yes, then a jelly is ready to entertain you showing its awesome tricks. It could be your best companion in your spear time. Jelly in Jar is a Platform and Single-player Survival Mobile Game, and as motioned to its name, the game is about a Jelly who is trapped in a kitchen and seeking for help to come out. Are you ready to help him in getting out of that critical situation? It would be fun when you are trying to take on challenging hurdles and overcoming obstacles to earn in-game points.

Intuitive Controls and Attractive Graphics

The game is released with intuitive controls, fun to play gameplay, and attractive graphics. Jelly in Jar releases to give you a massive dose of pleasure like never before, and this time you control a sleek-type jelly all over the kitchen, overcoming hurdles and obstacles. As the game starts, you find yourself handling a jelly in a kitchen environment where toasters, chairs, and tables were placed randomly to make the level a bit challenging. Your goal isn’t as simple as it seems, you must survive the jelly by merely helping it to jump through challenging obstacles with the intension of reaching the jar to survive.

Avoid Splashing on Floor

You aren’t limited to the kitchen environment, as different types of scenes are featured to give you unique gameplay every time you come. While playing the game, your goal isn’t only to survive the environment but to collect coins also, which help you in unlocking new jellies with varied abilities. The double-jump feature is incredible and may help you overcome a massive gap between two platforms.

Double-Jump Feature

Without a doubt, first of any game started with basic difficulty, but gradually increased as the player reaches high stages. Similarly, the first few stages would be completed within no time, but as you get the fourth stage, the real difficulty will start, when you must jump from a chair to a table, and the gap is too long that after tapping the screen multiple times to perform double won’t help you. At that time, making use of your wit, and time accuracy will help you to complete the stage.

Limited Jars at your Disposal

Moreover, it would be best if you had jars to unlock and play each level. Firstly, you need only one jar, but as you move to advanced stages, the number of jars will be doubled. During the game, losing the level means losing a jar too, and once the jars run out, you have to wait for a specific time, until the bar gets full.

Unlock Achievements

Jelly in Jar comes with achievements, and each one requires the completion of objectives to be get unlocked. Once done, it rewards you with Coins, Jars, Diamonds, and more that you claim by merely tapping on the Achievement icon.


With smooth controls and fun-to-play gameplay, Jelly in Jar makes a special place in your phone. Although it seems easy to play, believe me, it’s hard to master. Smooth controls and unlockable items will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun.