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Have you ever imagined to be a taxi driver? If yes, then Smart Cabby 2019 is a game you are looking for. It lets you start your day behind the wheel of a yellow cab intending to make as many bucks as you want. It is offering unique driving gameplay as compared to other titles of the same title. You don’t need to fight against other drivers for customers. Using your driving skills you can navigate the busy urban roads to reach the destinations within time limit. While playing the game, you have to avoid crashing into other vehicles and share the roads with other vehicles, including jeeps and trucks.

Be a Taxi Driver and Start Earning Badges

The game is specially designed for those players who to love to play Taxi Driving Simulation. The introduction of one-finger control will offer you full command over your taxicab. At the start, I have started the game with a simple cap, but after making enough cash by satisfying the passengers I purchased/unlocked a new vehicle with better performance and started collecting more bucks. The game is enough addictive that you will forget what’s going on around you. So before starting the game, complete your all works. It seems easy to play but hard to master. Approximately every City Car Driving Taxi games start with less difficulty, but as the player approaches high stages, the difficulty level will start to increase.

Challenging Hurdles and Obstacles – Be Careful

During the gameplay, lots of tricky points and places ahead of me and overcoming them, means you win. While driving your taxi, you should be careful from speed breakers, it may be hurtful for your passenger and probably he/she will leave you a bad experience. Similar to an Uber Driver, you must take care of your passenger and try to drive your car smoothly, stop when traffic light is red and move when it turns into green. Like other car simulator games, it offers you freedom to pick up passengers from the specific destination and start the journey toward their desired location to earn money. When start playing, my first passenger was a lady, and upon crossing the speed breaker without slowing down speed, she made funny sounds like “watch out.”I really enjoyed driving the taxi car and making money similar to an Uber Driver. The developer introduces a rating system, and once you dropped the passenger to their set location, they will leave you a review based on your driving skills.

Eight Badges – Collect To be the Master

The game features eight different badges that will reward up at the end of each level, such as Excellent, Life Safer, Caring Driver, Perfect, Accident, Risky, Reckless, and Poor. Start your driving career and try to earn many great badges as possible to be the best taxi driver ever. With bad rating, no one will call you to pick him/her up to drop somewhere. So while playing the game, my priority was to earn honest badges by letting the passengers safely approach their homes and leaving me the best review for other customers to trust me. With the increment of badges, the difficulty level will also increase and take your taxi driver skills to the next stage.

Challenging Turns and Crashes – Avoid Accident to be a Good Driver

Similar to other Ultimate Car Driving Simulator games, it features challenging turns, unexpected jumps, and lots of tricky obstacles. The game introduces a brilliant environment that contains the beautiful cities of India. Despite 2D graphics and Top-down Perspective, playing the game as a taxi driver is much fun for me for everyone.

Unlockable Content – Endless Fun

The game doesn’t end over here; there are lots of other stuff also available for you to unlock. The money you earn can use to unlock powerful vehicles from garage and can start much better than the old one. So without wasting a single minute, start helping out people.If you don’t have any buck, you can use real money to unlock additional content to be the master.