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Sometimes playing games could be an easy task, but earning ingame currency is difficult. Whether you are playing a fighting game or shooting game, earning cash should be your priority. Because without in-game currency, you can’t access to premium content and advanced tools that make your victory ensure. In Modern Car Driving Games, you require cash to unlock advanced vehicles to roam the environment freely in a fascinating style. Therefore, we jump in to teach you how to unlock make more cash in Smart Cabby 2019 and how to unlock badges to become a master in Taxi Driving Game.

How to Earn More Cash? 

There are lots of City Car Driving Games, but surely you would you play Smart Cabby 2019 because of its friendly user-interface and decent graphics. As a taxi driver, your priority should be focused on passenger safety and obeying the traffic rules. Following the said points will ensure you make lots of cash. Safely reached and satisfied passenger will leave you a good review and lots of cash, including tips. So while driving your car, you must drop your passenger on-time and safely to its selected location. After earning lots of cash, you should purchase a luxury car for a smooth journey and try to offer awesome facilities for your passenger. In short, there’s only a way to earn more cash – try to drop your passenger to its selected location safely.

Avoid Obstacles and Heavy Traffic

The smart game introduces several luxury cars, but you start your career with the basic one. Try best to approach advanced vehicles as soon as possible to earn more. The advance vehicle will earn more cash for you and help you in earning awesome badges. So try to calm while driving, avoid jumps, traffic, and stop your car before the white lines on the red light. Once the light turns to green, you should continue the driving to drop your passenger on selected location on-time.  

How to Earn More Badges?

Although earning cash could be a good option, what will happen if one of your passengers will reward you with a bad rating or badge? Surely, it will damage your driving experience and maybe there’s no passenger for you in the game. So you should make your focus on making cash and earning badges as well. There are eight badges that the customer will leave you at the end of the journey, such as:

  • Excellent
  • Life Saver
  • Caring Driver
  • Perfect
  • Accident
  • Risky
  • Reckless
  • Poor

To earn Excellent Badge, you should drive your vehicle carefully, avoid colliding your vehicle with others, overcome all speed breakers, and slow down your speed when stuck between two vehicles. Stop on traffic lights when it red and move when it turns to green to avoid rule-breaking charges. You will be a reckless driver once you don’t slow down your vehicle on speed breaker and the customer will pay you low and leave you a bad badge that directly affects your driving career. Let us know how many excellent badges you have earned via the comment section.